Tackling passengers’ major concerns

Flightnook is the first organization to bring an eco-friendlier flight to every passenger by using fuels from sustainable resources to reduce emissions and exploitation


Attributed fuels are sourced sustainably and significantly help to reduce emissions


No technical modification is necessary in order to use cleaner fuels in today's airplanes


Aviation being one of the most regulated sectors, emission savings can be quantified

How does it work?

Sustainable fuels or clean fuels are more complex to produce than fossil based fuels. At the end, it comes down to the passenger for making a sustainable decision and Flightnook wants to give people that choice when taking a flight.


Flightnook symbol surrounded by people representing the environmentally friendly travelling community

We need to work together to overcome industry challenges! Every passenger is asked to contribute an amount according to its journey's conditions


refuelling truck below aircraft wing filling up the tank with sustainable jet fuel | biofuel | alternative jet fuel

After collecting a critical mass, Flightnook will replace fossil based fuels with cleaner fuels, making your journey more environmentally friendly


chart with recycling sign representing the reporting on contribution benefits of the passenger

At the end, we will inform you about your impact and what the community has achieved together to keep our planet habitable

Make a difference

Protecting our planet should be easy.
Follow the steps and reduce your climate impact when taking a flight.
Book your flight

Book your flight

Business as usual

Book your flight the way you want - online, travel agent or with an airline

Flight details

Flight details

Tell us about it

Communicate your flight details with us, so we can calculate the fuel consumed

Reduce emissions

Reduce emissions


Make a financial contribution in order to replace fossil fuels with cleaner fuels