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Each flight you take contributes to climate change.
Lower your CO2 emissions, limit fossil fuel consumption, and support a green future.


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Flightnook offers every passenger, no matter the airline, a way to make a direct impact.

Cleaner jet fuel is the fastest way to make flight cleaner. It exists today and cuts COemissions up to 80% compared to fossil fuel. Like sustainable products in the supermarket, cleaner fuels are more expensive.

Flightnook also offers tree offsets so you can choose how you want to divide your contribution between cleaner fuels and trees.

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Cleaner Jet Fuel
*Cleaner jet fuel cuts up to 80% of CO2 emissions on a life cycle assessment compared to fossil fuel. The extra 20% is accounted for in our calculator, so your flight is carbon neutral.

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Travelling is one of the best ways to learn, but we can’t close our eyes to its environmental cost. We help you to understand and act on your flight’s carbon footprint. Join us to make flight more sustainable.

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Flightnook supports cleaner jet fuels made from materials that feed back into the circular economy, are sourced locally, and cut COemissions up to 80% on a lifecycle assessment.



Cleaner jet fuels are certified under conventional jet fuel regulations and can power today’s airplanes-- you won’t feel a difference, but the planet will.



We want to let you know what’s possible. Our calculator is based on the latest science and jet fuel regulations, plus we send you all the details of your impact.