A Common Vision

Reinvent flying for a sustainable future
Some commercial flights have already been powered by cleaner jet fuels. But cleaner jet fuels are more expensive and they aren’t widely used.
global air traffic flying on conventional jet fuel | kerosene | Jet A | Jet A1 resulting in high pollution
Screenshot: Global air traffic
global air traffic flying on jet biofuel | sustainable jet fuel | alternative jet for environmentally friendly travel
Screenshot: Flights operated partly on cleaner jet fuels
International and domestic regulations aren’t changing fast enough to encourage a switch to cleaner jet fuels to keep pace with our impending climate reality.
Join us to make an immediate impact in air travel – cleaner jet fuels are the future.


Turn “frequent flyer” into “conscious flyer”
We help travellers fly the world without warming it by cutting their carbon footprint and supporting local clean fuel producers.
Appetite for travel is only growing and cleaner jet fuels processed from alternative energy resources are available today.


Deliver Sustainable Travel

Avoiding airplanes is best for climate protection. But if there’s no alternative we can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Support Green Energy

Climate change is caused by our dependence on fossil energy. We must diversify energy sources through renewables, biomass, and other innovative alternatives.

Emphasize Human Component

We are witnessing the effects of global pollution. Protecting our communities requires both structural and individual action.

Amplify Transparency

We report your impact and lifecycle emissions savings assessment. Certification programs ensure carbon management schemas are sustainable and humane.

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The Team

Flightnook - Max
Max was sitting in his office on a sunny afternoon when he flipped to a page reporting on sustainable algae fuel. He realized he was looking at the future of aviation. Max brings first-hand knowledge of the aviation industry from his years at a big airplane manufacturer.
He’s always been passionate about travel, but realized that with the toll it wrecks on our environment something had to shift. Since then he’s dedicated his time to making sustainable travel accessible to everyone.
Flightnook - Jessica_tmp
Jessica and Max met through a citizen collective working to make Montreal greener. They recognized their shared passion for travel, complementary skill sets, and joined forces to build Flightnook.
Jessica is a marketing and communications professional passionate about the great outdoors. She’s excited to build a community of climate-conscious travellers who inspire actionable change.

Partners & Supporters