Travelling is one of the best ways to learn
...and relax

Travel allows you to practice your Spanish in Peru, surf gnarly waves on the Andaman Islands off India, or taste fresh tzatziki in a Greek villa.
But flying burns fossil fuel at levels of our atmosphere where it does the most damage.
Of course, the most climate-conscious option is not to fly, but our way of life relies on airplanes and we need to make it more sustainable. By supporting cleaner flying you preserve our planet:
Many of us fly and take advantage of the joyful things it brings to our lives. The time has come where we need to rethink how we do it, otherwise only our memories of these things will be left.
Fact: A flight between London and Paris emits as much CO2 per passenger as producing 750 plastic bottles.
Clean jet fuels are the fastest way to make flight more sustainable, they save up to a total of 50% CO2 equivalent emissions when compared to fossil fuels.
Flightnook coordinates between passengers, clean jet fuel providers, and airlines so you can reduce your carbon footprint when you fly. Our approach promotes local fuel suppliers to avoid CO2 emissions from tanker transport.
Pay a bit more to make your flight more sustainable
Through Flightnook you cover the price difference between conventional jet fuel and pure clean jet fuel. We will then exchange conventional jet fuel with cleaner jet fuel at an airport.
Ticket price components + Eco pillar:
Flightnook - Ticket
Example duration + flight on cleaner jet fuel:

$7 for <1 hour flight (like San Diego – Los Angeles)
Combined start and landing, roundtrip

$20 for 1-2 hour flight (like Montreal – Toronto)
Quick get away, roundtrip

$40 for 2-4 hour flight (like Paris – Budapest)
Enough to be far, roundtrip

$75 for 4-7 hour flight (like Seattle – New York)
Leave your comfort zone, roundtrip

$160 for 7-10 hour flight (like Dallas – London)
Everything is new, roundtrip

$240 for more than 10 hour flight (like Miami – Johannesburg)
The world is your oyster, roundtrip

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On behalf of all the future generations,
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