Flightnook and NatureLab.world Partner up to Make Flying More Sustainable

Flightnook - NaturLab press release
Flightnook presents the first North American CO2 offset calculator combining clean fuels and tree plantation financing.
We believe in bringing about a greener future whereby travel can be serviced by cleaner fuels. But this long-term vision needs to be complemented by short-term action.
We therefore invite you to use our unique calculator to offset your ecological footprint and make cleaner air travel a reality.
Flightnook is proud to partner with NatureLab.world. This partnership will enable Flightnook customers to contribute to afforestation and agroforestry projects in view of reducing (i.e. offsetting) their ecological footprint generated through flying. The contribution amount will be determined by each customer who will select, through a toggle, the share of offsets going to cleaner fuel and tree plantation generating carbon credits.
Why choose trees for carbon offsetting and reducing your footprint?
As trees naturally capture CO2, this partnership makes sense because cleaner jet fuel offsets option tackles the problem at the source whereas tree planting enables to mitigate impacts already caused by flying. Together, the combination of options helps to transform the way we fly while addressing past and current effects, i.e. emissions caused by flying.
Pierre-Luc Lamontagne, co-founder NatureLab, said: “NatureLab is proud to partner with Flightnook and highlights its innovative business model to reduce the environmental impact of carbon emissions from the airline industry.”
Max Eichelbaum, founder Flightnook, said: “We wish to raise public awareness around the solution of cleaner jet fuel as the most viable way of decarbonizing aviation. We also recognize it’s important to give consumers choice, and are excited to partner with a local and rigorously certified offset program like NatureLab.”
About NatureLab.world
NatureLab is uniquely placed to help Flightnook and its clients to reduce flight emissions through this unique tool and service. NatureLab already helps numerous clients reduce their carbon footprint generated by flying or other forms of transport in both personal and professional spheres.
As the only project developer of large-scale afforestation projects in North America abiding by the Gold Standard carbon credit framework, NatureLab is a leader in the reforestation carbon credit field.
To date, NatureLab has reforested over 200 hectares of land in Quebec, Canada, with over 530,000 trees planted that will sequester over 80,000 tons of CO2 equivalent over the course of their life. In addition, 1,000 hectares are planned to be reforested in Mexico over the next few years, generating an expected 50,000 carbon credits and helping deliver numerous co-benefits.
To date, independent verification has been conducted by Rainforest Alliance and GFA. For more information, please visit www.naturelab.world or follow NatureLab’s Facebook or LinkedIn pages for the latest developments.
About Flightnook
Air travel is one of the biggest luxury achievements of our time but it comes at a significant environmental cost. Flightnook developed a carbon calculator that enables passengers to evaluate their flight and choose to reduce emissions by planting trees or replacing fossil fuels with cleaner jet fuels.
Aviation is limited to current propulsion technologies and liquid fuels for the coming decades. Flightnook supports cleaner fuels that are sustainably sourced, reduce emissions, and are available today.
The goal is to drive demand for cleaner jet fuel and make these fuel options more competitive. Flightnook helps travellers see the world without warming it and pave a sustainable future for air travel.
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