Flightnook Calculator Launch

Flightnook serves as an access point for environmentally conscious passengers to fly carbon neutral.
The organization released a carbon calculator that makes it easy for flight takers to see their flight’s carbon impact and act on it. Flightnook passengers cut their emissions footprint and demand cleaner air travel.
The calculator estimates CO2 equivalent emissions per seat per flight. Passengers choose to offset their flight by planting trees or opting into cleaner jet fuel to replace fossil based kerosene. Based on passenger preference, this contribution can be split through a convenient slider.
Offset contributions are sent to certified tree planters and to purchase cleaner jet fuel. We choose cleaner jet fuel facilities close to airports to reduce CO2 emissions from transit. Passengers are notified once trees are planted or which airline used the cleaner jet fuel.
Why flight? Emissions from aviation are growing faster than any other form of transport. National carbon budgets fail to address air travel, and more and more people fly each year. IATA recorded 4 billion passenger flights in 2018; by 2037 they predict a jump to 8.2 billion passenger flights.
Cleaner jet fuel cuts up to 80% of fossil fuel’s lifecycle emissions. Technology exists to make flight cleaner, now passengers can demand its use.
Flightnook commits to only using cleaner jet fuel that is a second generation biofuel or later, meaning it comes from waste materials or agricultural residues and does not compete with food and feed. These fuels provide a solution to make flight carbon neutral, because they are “carbon negative” during previous stages of the fuel production lifecycle.
Max Eichelbaum, founder, said: “We’re seeing momentum from the #FridaysforFuture climate strikes and we’re excited there’s a growing awareness around the outsized carbon footprint of air travel. We’re happy to provide a solution that’s both personal and far reaching in scope.”
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Note to editors:
Air travel is one of the biggest luxury achievements of our time but it comes at a significant environmental cost. Flightnook developed a carbon calculator that enables passengers to evaluate their flight and choose to reduce emissions by planting trees or replacing fossil fuels with cleaner jet fuels.
Aviation is limited to current propulsion technologies and liquid fuels for the coming decades. Flightnook supports cleaner fuels that are sustainably sourced, reduce emissions, and are available today.
The goal is to drive demand for cleaner jet fuel and make these fuel options more competitive. Flightnook helps travellers see the world without warming it and pave a sustainable future for air travel.
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