It is currently very complicated for aviation to become environmentally friendly. We all heard about Tesla and how it is driving the new generation of electrical cars, however, similar technologies will not be available for aviation in the near future. Today, alternative technologies exist to produce cleaner jet fuels that allow for emissions and exploitation reduction.

Here at Flightnook, we aspire to help people discover the world in a less harmful way, preserving our planet. We want to give every individual passenger the choice to use cleaner jet fuels and to fly more environmentally friendly today, no matter which airline they prefer.

In doing so, transparency counts as one of our highest priorities and we take that role very seriously.


Air travel is one of the biggest luxury achievements of our time, allowing people to visit family members, explore other cultures or meet business associates around the world. However, the numbers of people that can afford an airplane ticket is strongly rising and with this comes a negative impact on our environment. We have to find new solutions and better ways to preserve our nature and the future of next generations. The discovery and development of new solutions have made humanity incredibly efficient, but it seems that one of our biggest challenges still lies ahead of us – climate change.

« There is an Amerindian legend that says that one day a great forest fire took hold, all the animals were dismayed, helpless, except for the hummingbird that was going to take a few drops of water in its beak to throw it on the fire. The irritated armadillo said to the hummingbird: “You don’t really believe that you’re going to extinguish the fire with a drop of water?” And the hummingbird answers “I know, but I’m doing my part”. »

– translated quotation from Pierre Rabhi

Doing one’s part may seem trivial, but all actions taken together can produce a positive impact.