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Dear Community,
You might notice you’ve had to change the types of plants you’re harvesting in summer or you couldn’t rely on your favourite ski hill last winter. If you’re unlucky these weather swings may be less peripheral. Many regions around the world are experiencing more frequent bouts of unusual flooding, severe wildfires, or drought.
Temperatures and seasons are changing around us to become less predictable. The norm is not to expect anything anymore. And while nature can still compensate for those fluctuations for now, humans need to plan for the near future when it won’t be able to.
By human standards climate change seems like a slow process, but by the standards of our Earth it’s freaking fast! Human influence on our atmosphere is enormous– in this century we will burn a substantial amount of carbon resources that took millions of years to form. Nature can not adjust to keep the ecosystem in balance.
Every human is implicated in the challenge to shift away from fossil resources.
At Flightnook we’re inspired by global efforts like the Paris Climate Accord (COP21) which brought nations together in a legally binding agreement to tackle this challenge. Countries like Finland have adopted aggressive carbon-neutral targets for 2035.
Despite this, we are barrelling towards a world that will warm more than 1.5 degrees C the Paris Climate Accord marks as a low baseline.This rise promises devastating impacts on a global scale, like drought, food insecurity, influx of climate refugees, and loss in biodiversity.
We must go all-in. Community movements like #ExtinctionRebellion and #FossilFree are demanding transitions away from our fossil based economy at the highest centers of power.
The regulatory situation is difficult, however people of this Earth understand we must demand change to preserve our future. For the average person, the greatest source of your annual carbon emissions comes from taking a flight. Many people don’t realize this outsized climate-impact and more people are flying every year.
Flightnook enables people to travel the world without warming it to keep global travel accessible while preserving the future of our planet. Join us to achieve this.
Your Flightnook Team
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