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People enjoy traveling to other countries and statistics confirm that air travel is one of the safest transportation modes. Since their creation, airplane’s technology has not changed much: a combustion engine creates thrust, allowing air to flow over a wing profile that in conclusion creates lift. After the introduction of the jet engine, changes in propulsion technology have been almost nonexistent over the last 50 years and current airplane designs will stay the same for at least another 20-30 years. This is because liquid fuels are among the best solution for airplanes to store energy as they provide the best energy density. In addition, liquid fuels combust, making the aircraft lighter and more efficient throughout the journey.
The cleaner fuels Flightnook utilizes are drop in fuels that can be blended with fossil based fuels without requiring any technical modification of the airplane propulsion system. Once blended, cleaner fuels get certified according to fuels specification ASTM1655 and are thus proven to fulfill all characteristics of conventional jet fuels. This process facilitates all chemical and physical requirements allowing it to be used without concerns.
Over the last decade, many airlines participated in testing new cleaner fuels emphasising safety and maturity of the new sustainable alternative. Check out our section Sustainable to learn more about cleaner fuels.