Flighnook’s Main Goal

Flightnook is an eco-social organization working to reduce the environmental impact of aviation today. Climate consequences of jet fuel production and emissions are significant, with a single round trip flight often expending the recommended carbon budget of an individual. We aspire to drive a turnaround in air travel.

Our Pillars

Climate change awareness

Raise awareness on climate change issues

Humanity will not be able to overcome climate change challenges if people don’t make informed decisions. Delivering lucid statistics and information are essential to build support.

Deliver sustainable travel​

Deliver sustainable travel

Avoiding airplanes is best for climate protection. However, if you have no choice to get where you want to go more ecologically, contribute to Flightnook and mitigate your impact.

Foster social development

Foster social equality

The climate crisis will be felt around the world and poor communities will suffer its effects first. Developed nations who have the capacity and infrastructure must contribute to climate change counteraction.

Provide transparency

Amplify transparency

Explaining the emissions savings and impact your contribution achieves is essential to create trust. Being a good example will also encourage other organizations to act likewise.