We want you to trust us

Transparency is one of our highest objectives at Flightnook. Documentation and reporting are managed with the contribution of our community, to create the confidence required. It is a promise that will be fulfilled since aviation, including its fuel supplies, is among the highest regulated and monitored sectors we know today. In order to be labeled cleaner fuels, certain sustainable criteria need to be respected. One way for cleaner fuels providers to demonstrate that they comply with sustainable criteria is to participate in voluntary schemes and surpass minimum governmental requirements.

What is a voluntary scheme?
Voluntary schemes verify compliance with cleaner fuels sustainable criteria. They check that production did not interfere with biodiversity, that no land with high carbon stock has been harmed, and that the production leads to a sufficient level of greenhouse gas emissions savings. Several schemes also take into account additional sustainability aspects such as soil, water, air protection and social criteria. For the purpose of certification, the whole production chain from producing feedstock up to the cleaner fuels refiner or trader is checked by independent auditors. For more information we suggest to consult the website of ISCC or RSB to name just two trusted organizations.

All cleaner fuels managed by Flightnook will be certified by a voluntary scheme that comes with highest standards and will be openly communicated with our contributors. Besides environmental certificates, technical certificates are also required to secure safe operations. Check out our section Safe to learn more about cleaner fuels standards.